Haveli Inception

We completed the purchase of the premises of Haveli in June 2011, at 58 Loughborough Road, Leicester LE4 5LD. A works project to carry out structural changes and refurbishments commenced in August 2011 and was completed in a record 9 weeks period, by October 2011.

The Haveli had its grand opening on 5th & 6th November 2011, and it has become the first “Shudh Pushti-Margiya Haveli” in the UK, named “Vrajdham, ShriNathji ni Haveli”. The Haveli has provided the “Pushti-Marg” followers the opportunity to continue this long-established faith.

The town of Leicester has a large Hindu population, and they have benefited tremendously from this Haveli. This has now become the community’s focal point; open for darshan every day, throughout the year.

The hours of worship are based on the established routine of Haveli’s and Vrajdham Haveli has been hosting the Manoraths as per Pushti calendar, as well as significant cultural and religious events.

We have had extremely good support from the Hindu community in London and Midlands, both in terms of donations for our projects and also their commitment in attending all our events.

Vrajdham Haveli Patotsav