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About Us:

Operating under VSUK and under the Guidance and Blessings of Our Spiritual Head Vaishnavacharya Shree Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshree (Kadi, Ahmedabad), the National Youth Group aims to bring together (18-40 year old) Vaishnavs from all over the country under the foundations of Social Work, Sports, Culture and Seva.

Blessings From Our Spiritual Head Vaishnavacharya Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshri (Kadi, Ahmedabad) on the launch of VSUK Vaishnav Youth Group (National)

“On the occasion of the launch of the Youth Group through Shrinathdham Haveli, and Vaishnav Sangh of UK, I send my congratulations and blessings to all the Youth.

Vaishnav Youth Group will conduct a variety of nationwide activities – cultural, social and spiritual – through which enthusiastic youth in the community can come together and engage in undertakings for the benefit of society, and bring Bhakti and meaning into their lives.

The Youth are enthusiastic and ready, and want to pursue several projects and Shrinathdham is giving them this platform. I am sending my heartiest congratulations for the launch of Vaishnav Youth Group. My blessings are that Thakorji makes this group progress and blossom in their Bhakti and Social work.”

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For any information, please contact the Core Committee:

Umang Rajdev: 07510 598 324

Sonal Rajdev: 07505 364 612

Mohit Gulati: 07886 549 082

Reema Kotecha: 07711 299 800

Lay Soni: 07940 163 661

Bhavin Desai: 07956 687 964