Shrinathdham Haveli – Donate

Daily Manorath Nyochavar:

The following daily Manorath opportunities are available at Shrinathdham Haveli:

  • Aarti Manorathi: £21
  • Palna: £21
  • Mangla Bog: £21
  • Ardho (half) Rajbhog: £51
  • Akho (full) Rajbhog: £75
  • Akha Diwas na Manorathi: £101
  • Kayamee Rajbhog Scheme: £1/day Rajbhog Seva

For more details please contact us.

Payment Options

Please include your name and the manorath in Payment Reference, or contact us to confirm additional details. Please remember to tick Gift Aid if you’re a UK taxpayer.

You can pay by:

Bank Transfer:

Lloyd’s Bank 
Account: Vaishnav Sangh Of UK
Account No: 63797160
Sort Code: 30- 93- 92

Sponsorship Details

There is only one sponsor for each category. For more details, or if you would like to make a pledge, please get in touch.