Vijaykumar Dwarkadas Morzaria

I was born in Kericho (Kenya) to Mr Dwarkadas Narshidas Morzaria and Mrs Taraben Dwarkadas Morzaria, where I grew up and subsequently moved to the UK.

It was my eagerness to learn about Pushtimarg which prompted me to join VSUK upon its formation. I had major involvements in the Men’s Satsangs as well as all the events organised by VSUK and in the establishment of the Vrajdham Haveli, Leicester in 2010.

In June 2014, I became a trustee of VSUK as a result of Jejeshree’s agya and was dedicated to VSUK’s objective of establishing a Haveli in London. To fulfil this objective I set up a sub-committee to commence an active search for premises. We viewed numerous properties, making use of my contacts as well as years of experience in the property business and also kept all the Choryasi Vaishnav
Manorathi’s updated.

In September 2016 I became the chairman and very successfully managed the annual events that VSUK continued to organise during this period. To help facilitate the organisation of Manaroths and running of monthly Satsangs, I formed a committee which included Shiluben Patel, Manishbhai Popatia, Shalin Teli, Vishal Sodha and Ashwin Jaghani. Collectively we organised the largest seven day 84 Kos Vraj Parikrama Manorath at Harrow Leisure Centre. This was a stepping stone to the Global recognition of VSUK and creation of the London Haveli. It was due to health reasons that I stepped down in August 2018, but still have a
special closeness to VSUK.

I would like to thank Pujya Jejeshree and VSUK for the opportunity to serve the Vaishnavs of UK. I am also indebted to my committee and sub-committees who helped me immensely during my Chairmanship.