Subhash Lakhani (Ex-Chairman & Trustee)

As we approach the 10th anniversary of VSUK inauguration, fond memories come flooding back – the initial exciting period of liaison under Marg-darshan from Je Je Shree, the commencing of men’s Satsangs, the first Mahotsav of Panch Tatva sponsored by Lakhani family that gave VSUK the recognition as the most well managed organisation. This continued with Bhagwat Saptah sponsored by Popat family, and followed each year by most auspicious Mahotsavs which Vaishnavs have commented as being mesmerised by, specially by Je Je Shree’s Vani and also the Manoraths, sajavats and blissful opportunity provided of such Darshans for which they would have to go to India and some are not able to anymore.It has truly been Thakorji’s krupa and Je Je Shree’s Ashirwad that I’ve had this opportunity to be one of the founder trustees and to be part of this enlightening journey.

A further blessing has been the involvement in the inauguration of Vrajdham Haveli in Leicester and now soon to open Shrinathdham Haveli in London. Long may VSUK continue serving the Vaishnav community not just in the UK but also worldwide.I take this opportunity to thank all the Donors who have been so generous from our inception in 2009. The trust placed on the Board has been truly humbling for us with some donating funds well before we even had this project on the table.I would also like to thank our team of volunteers who as Je Je Shree refers to as the two arms of VSUK, and whose total commitment and dedication has been a major factor in us being able to host such memorable and blissful Mahotsavs and Manoraths over the years.