Shrinathdham National Haveli & Community Centre, London

Shrinathdham Haveli looks forward to welcoming you!

With the blessings of Pujya Shree Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshree (Kadi, Ahmedabad), Shrinathdham National Haveli & Community Centre houses a grand Swaroop of Shree Nathji (darshan timings are outlined below).

It currently incorporates Baal Pathshala, Youth classes, Kirtan classes, Gujarati classes, Satsangs and celebrates various Manoraths and festivals

Darshan Timings

  • Rajbhog Darshan: 12pm – 1pm
    Rajbhog Aarti: 12.15pm
  • Shayan Darshan: 6pm – 7pm
    Aarti: 6:15pm

NB: Haveli will remain open during the Darshan Opening Times Only

To get to the Haveli:

Shrinathdham Haveli
2a Rosslyn Crescent

Tel: 020 8861 1207

For updates on events, darshan pictures, etc., please join our WhatsApp broadcast by saving this phone number in your contacts +44 7724 393594, and sending a WhatsApp message asking to be added to the broadcast.