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VSUK has been running various projects throughout the pandemic, supporting people of all ages – regular online satsangs, youth classes, VSUK Community helpline, raising funds for the NHS, Anna Daan (donation of food items to those in need in India), Vastra Daan (donation of clothing items to those in need in India) and many more. 

Vastra Daan

Vastra Daan (Clothes Drive) is an initiative begun by Je Je Shree whereby Vaishnavs can donate clothes to the most needy families, as India battles against the pandemic.

We are extremely grateful to have received 1,700 kilos of ladies clothes since the project was launched. A very big thank you to all the Vaishnavs who kindly donated the Vastra and towards the cost of shipping these to India.

VSUK Community Helpline

This helpline was created to support members of the community to carry out daily tasks. Much of our community consists of elderly people, who are at a high risk when exposed to Covid-19.

This helpline included a wonderful group of volunteers who would source community resources to help those in need.

Anna Daan Abhyan
(Food Donation Program)

Under the guidance of our Spiritual Head Vaishnavacharya Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshri (Kadi, Ahmedabad), this program served the most affected, in India, with food kits that will supply them with enough food supplies during these difficult times.

VSUK – NHS Fundraiser for Covid-19

VSUK is pleased to announce the successful completion of the NHS Covid-19 fundraising project.

On Thursday 11th June 2020 we welcomed the Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and other senior members of the London North West NHS Trust to our Shrinathdham Haveli to pass on the collection that all of you have generously donated to this wonderful cause.

The NHS trust expressed their immense appreciation to all the members of VSUK and is keen to work with VSUK on future projects.

Message from LNWH Trust

Message from Councillor Nitin Parekh

Gujarat Samachar Press Release

VSUK Newsletters

During the pandemic, VSUK set out to create ‘special edition’ newsletters to ensure everyone is updated about past and forthcoming events. 

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