Our Objectives

These are summarised as being:
(i) The welfare and relief of needy person(s) and living creatures.
(ii) The relief of the sick-needy living in the UK and elsewhere in the world either generally or individually through the provision of grants, goods or services.
(iii) The advancement of the Hindu religion and cultural tradition in the UK.
(iv) To advance the education of the public in Hindu religion, culture and traditions including yoga and meditation.
(v) To support local charities, research and community projects and educational establishments.

Amongst the main objectives of VSUK, is the advancement of Hindu education, religion and spiritual activities. The organization follows Pushti-Marg principals in the service of Lord Krishna, principals that were established by the founder of the faith, Shree Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji (reincarnation of Lord Krishna), over 550 years ago.