Vaishnavacharya Shri Dwarkeshlalji MahodayShree, the 17th Descendant of the Founder of Pushtimarg Dharm, Jagadguru Shreemad Vallabhacharya  Mahaprabhuji, is a prominent spiritual leader of Hinduism from Gujarat who has become recognized on world stage for his excellent recitations and discourses on Shrimad Bhagwat and various other Pushtimargiya Granths around the Globe. Aap shree is also known for philanthropy and social reforms through his discourses and practical involvements.

After accomplishing a Master’s Degree in Sanskrit, Je Je Shree attained the title of Acharya (Scholar). Acharyashree attained in-depth knowledge in Holy Scriptures such as Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, Shrimad Bhagwat, Upnishads, VedSashtras and Jyotish Sashtra. He possesses a unique quality of an esteemed orator and has impacted so many lives across the Globe. From a very young age, Apshree has been visiting many countries around the Globe to spread the knowledge and understanding of Pushtimarg Dharm, like what Shree Mahaprabhuji had done over 500 years ago. 

Acharyashree has pioneered and successfully established “International Vaishnav Sangh” with a sacred motive to uphold the Hindu and Vaishnav Dharm and to unite Vaishnavs and youths all around the world. This in turn has ledlead to the uplifting of moral, religious and cultural standards amongst the youth. 

Aapshree is the only Acharya of the Vallabhkul Sampraday who has established shudh Pushtimargiya Havelis and also founded Vaishnav Sanghs in the 5 continents of our Globe. 

Amongst these are the first ever Haveli on the African continent “Shree Vallabhdham” situated in Nairobi, Kenya, “Vrajdham Haveli Leicester” and “Shrinathdham Haveli London””” in the United Kingdom, “Nathdwara Haveli” in the continent of Australia, “Shrinathdham Haveli” in Maryland, USA and “Bhaktidham Haveli” in Ahmedabad, India. These Havelis have been running various programs such as daily darshans of Thakorji, Mahotsavs, Utsavs and Manoraths, Youth groups classes, Kishor and kishori pathshala, Baal Pathshala, elderly support and various sponsored programs for the benefit of the local societies.

Apart from religious activities, Acharyashree has also demonstrated deep concern for the less fortunate people in the society. Aapshree is actively involved with various social service organizations and humanitarian activities. Under his leadership a scheme known as “Vidhyarthi Dattak Yojna,” being a Students Adoption Scheme, has been very successful as well as many donation camps, medical camps, cataract surgeries, wheelchair donations, food donations, Anna Daan Abhiyan and many more that are carried out on a regular basis.

We are humbled by Aapshree’s relentless efforts and commitments to achieve the very best for the world Vaishnav community and feel pure bliss in having such a Great soul as our Guru.

~~Shree Vallabhadhish ki Jai~~~