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Joining VSUK
Logging On
Viewing Satsang Presentations
Discussion Forum

Joining VSUK

Membership of VSUK is required if you wish to participate in the Discussion Forum. All other sections of this website, including viewing Discussions are open to all visitors. Membership offers many other benefits such as invitations to Satsangs and other popular events.
Becoming a member of VSUK consists of two stages – Joining and Registration. The first stage requires you to complete the form presented when you click the Join menu option. If you have been receiving email invitations to the Satsangs, then you do not need to complete the Joining stage. Once you have completed this Joining form and clicked Submit, you will receive a Confirmation email containing the information you have submitted. Shortly after that, usually within 24 hours, once your application has been processed, you will receive a Registration email.

The Registration email will contain a link that will take you directly to the Registration page. This page will present your details which may be updated. At this stage you are required to choose a User Name and Password. These credentials will allow you to logon so you may participate in the Discussion Forum. If you post any messages on the Forum, it will be your User Name that will be visible to all visitors to the website. The value provided for “Inactivity period before logout forced” will be the number of minutes of inactivity on the website after which you will be logged out. This is a security measure and will not affect other aspects of using the website. It is recommended that you use the default value.Once you have registered, you may update your details by visiting the User Details page any time you wish to do so.

Logging On

You are required to logon only to participate in the Discussion Forum or to update your details. If you select any of these activities and are not logged on, you will be prompted to do so before continuing. Once logged on it is recommended that you remember to logoff before leaving the website. In any case, if there is no activity for a certain period you will be automatically logged off. This period of time will be the number of minutes specified at the Registration or User Details screen as “Inactivity period before logout forced”.
Viewing Satsang Presentations

Almost all of the Satsang notes are presented using PDF documents. Some of you may find that the PDF documents containing Gujarati text do not display correctly. If you experience such problems, try the following steps to resolve the situation.1. Open “Adobe Reader” on your PC.
2. From the Edit menu, select “Preferences…”
3. Ensure the “Display PDF in browser” option is NOT checked.
4. Click OK and exit Adobe Reader.Discussion Forum

The purpose of the Discussion Forum is to allow VSUK members to hold related discussions to which all members may contribute. The Forum consists of many discussions and each discussion consists of many messages. If you are new to website Discussion Forums it may be worth reading the whole of this section before participating in the Forum.If you select the Discussion Forum menu option you will be presented with the list of current discussions. For each discussion, you can see the Title, number of messages it contains, the date it was started and the date of the most recent message posted on that discussion. You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headings. To view the messages for any discussion, simply click on the discussion title.Remember that all discussions may be viewed by anyone who visits the website. A discussion may be to ask a question to all site visitors, or to share an experience or information. Obviously the topics should be related to the Pushti Marg Dharm. If you wish to post a message and cannot find a suitable discussion that already exists, please start a new one with an appropriate title. To start a new discussion, click on “Start New Discussion”.If you are not currently logged in you will be prompted.

If you are prompted to, click the Login button and you will be presented with the Login screen. Enter your User Name and Password and click Login. You will then be returned back to the Discussion page. Notice that your User Name now appears on the top right and a Logout button on the top left. Click “Start New Discussion” again and you will be presented with a text box where you can enter the new Discussion title.

Enter a short title that accurately describes the Discussion you are about to start and click “Submit New Discussion Title”.

Your new Discussion should now appear in the list. Click on the title of your new Discussion to go to the Discussion Messages page.

You now need to create the opening Message of your new Discussion. Click on “Post a New Message”.

You will now be presented with a text box where you can enter the text of your Message.

Enter the text of your Message and click “Submit New Message”.

Your new Message should now appear together with your User Name, date and time.

If you wish to be notified whenever a new Message is posted for a particular Discussion, select “Send me an email alerting me of new messages on this discussion” and click “Submit”.

Note, this option will only be available when you are logged on. While this option is enabled, you will receive an email notifying you of any new Messages that are posted for this particular Discussion. You can disable the option at any time by logging on and invoking the particular Discussion page. Remember to click Submit after enabling of disabling the option.