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The Vaishnav Sangh of UK (VSUK) was inspired by Pujya Shree 108 DwarkeshLalji MahodaiShree (Je Je) and inaugurated on Sunday 6th September 2009. It’s ultimate purpose is to establish a forum that provides easy access to the wisdom of the Pushti Marg Dharm to anyone with a desire to learn. 

It had always been noticable at Vaishnav functions in the UK that the men generally maintained a “background” presence. Je Je felt that this was due partly to a lack of knowledge, but also the belief amongst men that Pushti Marg is for ladies to follow. This was one of the first areas that Je Je wished to address and so he committed himself to the formation of VSUK for the benefit of men only. A few “teachers” were hand-picked by Je Je to provide the knowledge transfer. The actual subject matters are recommended by JeJe who provides the inspiration and guidance to the teachers. They supplement this with their own research and create a lecture that is presented in simple English to the members of VSUK. The standard of the presentations was immediately set at a very high level and their popularity grew quickly. Je Je said at the outset that his mission for this project was not to “convert” but rather to “convince”. In keeping with this ethos the lectures present some of the thousands of fascinating subjects related to the Pushti Marg Dharm, in a simple, practical and interesting way. 

We generally meet once a month in North London, on a Sunday, starting at 11am and finishing around 1pm. The lecture material is available in printed format to all attendees and also on this website to anyone who wishes to view it. 

In addition to our regular lectures, we organise special events featuring some very talented musicians who have provided a beautiful atmosphere with their music and bhajans. These social functions have been extremely popular, particularly the ones held during Je Je’s vists to the UK. 

With the first phase of VSUK well and truly established, the Ladies’ Section was consecrated by Je Je on 31st Oct 2010. This will follow a similar path to the Men’s section with each Section drawing energy and momentum from the other. 

During Je Je’s visit in October 2010, the Haveli project was formally launched. The Haveli project is our most crucial project so far. It’s purpose is to establish a number of Havelis in the UK, based on the true principles of Pushti Marg. This is crucial to all UK Vaishnavs because in addition to providing a communal place of worship, they will also serve as centres for learning and any related Pushti Marg activities. Once established, Je Je will oversee the running of the Havelis where the swarup of our Lord Shrinathji will be enacted. The Havelis will provide Ashtasamana Darshan, Ashtachap Kirtan Varg, Yuvakendra, Bal Sanskaar Kendra, Library and a facility for Vaishnavs to bring their Thakorjis during periods around births and deaths in their families. 

This project has set some ambitious targets but with divine inspiration from Je Je driving a genuine passion within the Vaishnav community, these targets will be achieved. The committee are working hard to raise funds and find suitable properties for Havelis.