VSUK | London Haveli
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For the past five years, we have received regular requests from Hindus in London to open a similar Haveli and this has been our current and serious challenge. Over that period, the Trustees have been sourcing appropriate premises in Harrow and nearby area but not managed to secure any either due to being unsuitable or over bid by other organizations. 


We are however extremely pleased to announce that the long-awaited dream to establish a Haveli in London is now fulfilled, literally within the last three months, following a lot of meetings and negotiations, culminating in the exchange of contracts on 18 January 2019 for strategic acquisition of Jaspar Centre in Harrow, with completion in June 2018 or earlier by agreement.

This really is historic day and one filled with great excitement and immense pleasure for the entire UK Hindu community. In fact, Hindu community worldwide, as we have already received very strong support from countries like Kenya, Malawi and India, at this early stage.

The premises will house a grand Haveli of Shree Nathji together with a Community Centre   and this first ever Shudh Pushtimargiya Haveli in London will be named Shrinathdham Haveli & Community Centre. The premises being acquired are very well located in centre of Harrow and have been popularly known over the years as Jaspar Centre. All the present community activities will continue in the future, and in addition we will incorporate Baal Pathshala, Youth classes, Kirtan classes, Gujarati classes, Satsangs and much more.

Vaishnav Sangh of UK has fulfilled its commitment to provide a base for the benefit of our upcoming future generations for them to stay connected with our religion. This project will blossom even more with Vaishnavs support.

In fact, during the annual event that we held in June 2015 “252 Shree Gusainji Swaroop Mahotsav” at Harrow Leisure Centre, Je Je announced his wish to set up a scheme in aid of the London Haveli project which he named the “84 Vaishnav” scheme whereby 84 Vaishnav families would pledge and donate £10,000 each and their family name will go on name plaques as founder donors for the London Haveli. Not only was there a tremendous support during the event in terms of pledges coming through on to the stage, but the Vaishnvas actually started making the payments to VSUK, which was most humbling for the Trustees.